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  1. I had this same issue. I have a 3 user license, and on the other two pc's that I have SAS on, it runs in the background except for my pc. This same error came up while trying to update it after I manually started the program. The solution is to select SAS from your START menu. It will run in the tray and you should be able to update it. At least that is what I did and it worked. The other 2 pc's in my house have it running in the background, and those machines updated with no problem.
  2. YES, that fixed it by un-checking that option. ThanksI was also trying to figure out how to add items to the "Manage Allowed Items" window, but I guess that only works when you perform a scan and then select allow.
  3. I'm running the latest
  4. I have the exact same problem with the new version. Its hanging on "compreg.dat" and will not continue with the scan.
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