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  1. Oops I now understand why its been resolved, I stupidly didnt do updates before rescanning! Thankyou for sorting this out
  2. Hi thanks for getting back to me..does this mean it is a false positive? and can be left on my pc? I have done another scan this morning and Sas is still finding the same trojan dropper in the same file. So Im confused what is meant by the definitions being released etc. Could you please explain a bit more for this newbie lol, thanks in advance
  3. I ran Superantispyware last night after doing the recent updates and its found a Trojan.Dropper/Multi-MBAD in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CNMS630EXE. the properties for this application file show this was modified 16th Nov 2000 and created May 2004 and looks like its been here since we got the computer from new. I am wondering if this is a false positive, my Hijack log was checked by Community Feedback ( msn group) and looks clean. I have also ran Malwarebytes with no report at all of any malware. I hope you can advise me
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