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  1. Download this and run it on your system. http://www.snapfiles.com/get/winsockxpfix.html
  2. Ok, I actually was able to get the file back, so I put it back and the computer boots, but I will try removing it again and see if I can launch explorer from a command prompt. Hmmm, when you say boot to a command prompt are you talking about safe mode with command prompt? Once removed I can't get that to work either. Or are you talking about booting off windows cd and launching explorer from recovery console? Or is there another way to boot with a command prompt I'm not trying? No matter what way I try to boot the computer, it goes to that stop blue screen where I can do nothing.
  3. It found a trojan dropper basemre32.dll, it said it needed to reboot to get rid of it and when it did the computer boots to a stop blue screen saying it can't find basemre32. I tried putting an empty file basemre32.dll in system32 and it told me it was not a valid image. I want to boot off of bartpe and put the file back.
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