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  1. I am not trying to be rude, but if your other programs are regularly finding malware on your system, then maybe you need to practice safer surfing habits. All anti-malware programs are different and what other programs find SAS may not find. Likewise, what SAS detects other programs may not. You want to be infected to prove that SAS works as a scanner? I would prefer that my anti-malware programs find nothing, ever. For me, that's more prove that they are doing their jobs. Good luck in your search to find a program that detects and removes every program. A
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. The tool removed the PROCESSLIST locations, but not the first one mentioned in the previous post. I deleted the uninstaller tool and that is also listed when I search in the Windows Icon in the lower left corner. It states Windows cannot find c:\Users\Beau\DownloadsSASUNINST.EXE When I try to delete it it says "this is no longer located in C:\Users\Beau\Downloads If this does not cause any problems I do not necessarily need it removed. Again, thank you.
  3. I recently uninstalled SAS as I am trying varying products. The uninstall went well and I have no issues other than a minor problem. When I click on the start icon (lower left corner) and type super into the search bar I bring up a few remnants of SAS. When I attempt to delete them it says they cannot be found. The first item is SuperAntiSpyware and when I attempt to delete it I receive a message Windows cannot find c:/Users/Beau/Desktop/SuperAntiSpyware.exe The next one is PROCESSLISTRELATED and states c:/Users/Beau/AppData/Roaming/SUPERAntiSpyware.com/SU.../PROCESSLISTRELATED.DB The next item is PROCCESSLIST and states c:/Users/Beau/AppData/Roaming/SUPERAntiSpyware.com/SUPERAntis.../PROCESSLIST.DB Searching through the start menu is the only way I can find them. The properties list each item as containing 0 bytes. It does not show the exe running in Windows Defender, or in my Performance and Tools monitor. Is there a way I can delete these? Thanks for your help and product. Dell Inspiron 531 2GB Memory AMD Core Duo Vista Business SP1
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