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  1. Actually, I never use Norton. My System Restore is now working again. I went to the Dell Forums and found out that the culprit was Avast. They issued a program update that solve my ptoblem. Thanks anyway!
  2. Thanks for the info! By the way, I didn't mean to imply that SAS was causing the problem.
  3. What issues are you having? That repair enables the system restore again. When I try to restore to an earlier restore point (even a few hours ago) when the computer reboots, I get a message the computer was unable to restore to that restore point. Please try again. When I try again, I get the same message.
  4. I have been using Super Anti-Spyware for some time now. Both the free and the paid. I did away with those more bloated programs for this one. I noticed on the Repairs tab, in the General & Start up section there is a feature titled Repair Broken Windows System Restore Service. Since I have been having problems with my System Restore (I have XP Home Edition), I was wondering just how effective this feature is. Thank you!
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