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  1. Hello All, On May 9 2008, I purchased SuperAntispyware Professional with lifetime updates. Mr Nick Skrepetos was the then Director. Subsequent thereto ownership changed hands. However at the time of purchase it appears that my licence allowed me to install the program on two computers only. I later became the owner of a Laptop but did not install SUPERantispyware thereon. My question is: Can I now install the program on my laptop under the same terms or purchase a new license? Your kind assistance hereto will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you. standeb.
  2. Hello Dave, Thank you for the reply. Your reccommendations were really needed. I do several quick scans during the week according to the sites that I visit and I have the program set to do daily complete scans. This being so, I had not attempted to do a complete scan. It was only after reading your post I clicked on complete scan and was brought to a dialogue box with the scanning preferances. So now I know that nothing's missing from the program and all is well with respect to the license also. Thanks again and best regards. standeb.
  3. Hello All, I am not suprised to know that there would be problems with the new version. I knew it was coming. With every new version of any program there will be a few bugs, hence the reason for the forums. I made note that many of the requests made in the forum seem to have been ignored. Mine among them. The simple question is; Can the three drives of my system be scanned by this product? or If not, will steps be taken so that it can be fully scanned? In the previous program there was a place where one could set the program to scan Drives "C", "D" and "E". That is nowhere to be seen in this new issue. The program only scans Drive "C", which brings me to a further inquiry with respect to my lifetime updates. Will my licence be valid? Fortunately, I have not been hit with some of the serious problems experienced by so many persons. Can someone answer these two simple questions? Thanking you in advance for your kind assistance. Standeb.
  4. Hello All, I received the new version of SuperAntspyware 5. The new interface is really nice and simple. Quick Scan is now just above two minutes and the full scan of Drive "C" is 36 minutes. Thats good going. However I note that with the former version full scan ment that I could scan Drives "C", "D" and "E". I use 2 drives. "C" Drive (80)gb, is partitioned to house Drive "D" as well and Drive "E" houses all of my work. The new version only scans Drive "C". Documents, Music and programs, inter alia, are usually downloaded to Drive "D", so that in the event of a crash I would have all my programs installed to Drive "C",therefrom. These programs, music and other stuff are scaned when they come in for viruses, spyware and/or file corruption, thereby protecting Drive "C". My question:- Is there a way to have Drives "D" and "E" scanned as well? if so, then my computer will be fully and truly properly scanned. I shall be happy and most thankful if I can be assisted with respect to this problem. Thanks again. standeb.
  5. Hi Administrators, Re: 'SUPERAntiSpy' date='15 March 2010 - 05:36 AM' timestamp='1268631416' post='15647']. I have read your reply at caption and thank you for the same. SAS is a program I liked from the very beginning when I saw it being recommended to many by moderators at Cnet Computer Newbies Forum just about two years or more. I observe that you have been monitoring the forum post. That's great work. I will post a report to you should the problem persist. Meanwhile to Nick, and the whole team as well as Seth, Thank you very much. standeb.
  6. Hello Seth, Re: date='14 March 2010 - 09:56 PM' timestamp='1268603789' post='15639']. I did the reinstallment as instructed and customized the program. All pertinent functions have been checked. Now the only thing I can do is wait to see what happens. I shall post back after a period of observation to let you know the results. You are indeed an exemplar in this forum. It is refreshing to know that there are people like you. I have visited a few forums and have noted that there some who show sheer arrogance. Thank you so much. Best regards, standeb
  7. Hello Seth, Re: date='14 March 2010 - 09:56 PM' timestamp='1268603789' post='15639']. Gee that was quick. Thank you for the reply with instructions. I have a meeting to attend and will get to carrying out those instructions so soon I am done. I shall post back to let you know the results. Thanks again and Best regards. standeb.
  8. Hi Seth, Re: date='14 March 2010 - 02:00 PM' timestamp='1268575202' post='15626' Thanks again for your assistance. You have been very patient and professional. I must tell you here that my copy of SAS is a download. I do not have a cd. I do not know how to get to the installer for the purpose of re-installing the same so I am being just cautious here. I do have my program key and can transfer and do the uninstall but I think the re-installation may be a problem. So I think I should submit a customer support request as suggested in your reply. Do you agree? In stark reality, I am a newbie of of sorts to some of theese things. Can you advise? Thak you again as I await your reply. standeb
  9. Hello Seth, Re: Seth: date='13 March 2010 - 05:53 PM' timestamp='1268502808' post='15617'] Many thanks for your reply thread My apologies for not stating my operating system. I run Windows XP Pro. SP3. I've got Avast home Anti Virus and SAS Pro running, the free version of Malwarebytes, Spyware Blaster and Windows firewall. I hope that this information will help. I am aware that an update is not available every 8 hrs. It's just that It never happens so I have to update manually. It also happens with the notification "Warn me if I have not updated in 2 days". Meanwhile please accept my greatful thanks for your continued support. Standeb.
  10. Hi Seth, Thank you for your reply date=' '13 March 2010 - 01:26 PM' timestamp='1268486818' post='15615']. I use SAS Pro 4,3,1000 - System ID 54844. I usually check for updates and do receive them but this is manual, is'nt it? I believe that the updates should come automatically since that feature is ticked in my preferences. Hoping that this information will help you ID the situation with a view to a solution. Thanking you for your continued assistance. standeb
  11. Hello all, I have been using SAS Pro for just about two years. I love this program. In many cases my system is not on for very long hours, except on weekends. I have the function "Check for updates every 8 hours" checked but for the life of me that never happens. I have to manually check for updates.I have been searching the forums for a solution but have not come up with any. It seems that function never works. Can I have some assistance in getting that function workable.There are other problems but I choose to do this first. Thanking you in advance. standeb.
  12. Thanks very much and God bless standeb
  13. Hello Nick, Moderators and Members. I became a member and user of the paid version of SuperAntispyware with Lifetime updates earlier this year. Took a while to understand the program but after posting in the forums and workin with the SuperAntispyware team It works beautifully now and I am happy with it. It's really top notch. I take this opportunity to wish Nick, moderators, members and the SuperAntispyware team Seasons Greetings and a great and rewarding New Year. Thanks for a great program. standeb.
  14. Hello Don. Thank you for your reply thread. It was a bit niave of me in not remembering that there is no perfect anti spyware program and that where one misses the other may hit. Avast has notified me on many occasions of blocked attacks. I also note from you reply that the only way to find out whether I can use the check for updates every 8 hours is by checking it to find out if it would not freeze up the system. I do like this program and have in fact recommend it to quite a few friends. Thank you again for the reply. standeb Bassy2
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