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  1. I was/still am infected with the wmsdkns.exe virus as well, and it's been a nightmare fighting back against it. I *THINK* i'm close to success but i was hoping you might be able to help me confirm it. First of all, THANK YOU! SAS was the only program that was able to successfully remove most / (all?) of the infection - while SpyDoctor, Ad-Aware, Norton Ati-virus, and Spybot S&D all failed. I am extremely impressed. SAS helped me regain permanent control of my task manager (although I had found a temporary workaround through the 'Run' command line), and also eliminated the fake Internet security popups. HOWEVER: while SAS now gives me a clean report when I run a scan, Spybot S&D still detects the Smitfraud-c virus (which i understand is linked to the wmsdkns trojan) whenever the computer restarts, as well as a bunch of entries from Zango, 180Solutions, etc. Needless to say, Spybot fails to delete them permanently. ALSO: HijackThis still detects the wmsdkns.exe virus in its scan, located in the windows/system32 folder. Since none of the main symptoms are manifesting themselves, I'm assuming the virus is either dormant or effectively crippled, but i would have a lot more peace of mind if you could help me confirm this and/or remove it once and for all. Given SAS' success on my computer so far, I'm extremely encouraged. Thank you in advance!
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