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  1. Hi No, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, however, I've had an email fro "Don" offering his assistance, I'm just waiting for him to find the time to get back to me. Thx
  2. Will do fletch, and once again, thx.
  3. I believe so, everyone I know recomends it, which is why I wish I could get it sorted. Thx for the help fletch.
  4. Thx fletch, will he see my post on here? btw, SAS 4.1 works with no problems on my laptop, it's my desktop I'm having problems with it.
  5. Hello fletch I've uninstalled my previous version, and downloaded from the main SAS site, version 4.1, yet again my system has crashed.
  6. OK, thank you, I have submitted a report.
  7. Please submit a support request here: https://www.superantispyware.com/support.html Hi, I'm not sure what support linkto use. I was referred here by member "fletch" he / she advised there is a link available via email to prevent my system crashing when clicking on scan.
  8. Hi When I start a system scan via SAS, it keeps casuing my system to crash Any advice please?
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