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  1. Don Fowler contacted me and we found a couple of .dll files in my system (vista) at fault many thanks for a very good Customer Service FIRST CLASS Dons the Man ! CHEERS
  2. https://www.superantispyware.com/support.html how about this one
  3. Hi your link to support is not working for me ?
  4. Hi have you filled in a report ticket to SAS if every thing fails do a search for a( vundo removal tool )on the web
  5. Cheers see what comes of the support ticket
  6. Hi the version is 4.0.1154 Sas tech have told me to uncheck Kernel boxes and the Direct Disk still with no joy I have turned off my antivirus as well as windows firewall but it still locks up
  7. Why is it after a couple of days of success with SAS It has started to hang at a certain dll file only way out is to reboot my PC (It also hangs if its running in the safe mode ) Any help would be most helpfull
  8. Hi i had a big problem with XP after boot up the desktop /icons kept going OFF then 0N my Antivirus /Spyware programs found nothing ! after a struggle with my desktop I Managed to install SUPERANTISPYWARE and within a short time SAS found a trojan VUNDO and other bits and bobs BINGO My XP is up and running MANY THANKS SAS :)YOUR THE TOPS
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