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  1. The last time that happened on my end I traced it down to the TDSS Rootkit Some sites call it TDL - I'm pretty sure that's what Mbam found it as. Everytime it removed it, it didn't - it was back within hours or days. I finally found a free Tdss rootkit remover that Kaspersky had released. I can't say with any certainty this is also what you have, but I thought I'd offer the info - just in case.
  2. I tried running SAS free when 7 first launched, then again when 7 RC ( Build 7100 ) released. I attempted on X86 - 32 bit. Both times I was met with BSOD - SASKUTIL.SYS Trying to uninstall in Safe Mode wasn't happening, installer service not running. Had to run Msconfig in Safe Mode, remove SAS from Startup - then uninstall at next bootup.
  3. Is there a timeline for possible release for Windows 7 ? I have attempted to install 4.22. 1014, 4.23.1006 and BSOD follows every install, SASKutil.sys Compatibility to Xp and Vista do not help.
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