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  1. Regardless, if that's what is slowing it down or not. I would still like to know if that is a legitimate trojan. If it is I certainly don't want it on my system!
  2. Hi, my computer has been running quite slow for weeks now. I defragment my drive often which in theory should've fixed the problem. But then I got to thinking that maybe there was spyware or a virus on my computer. So I ran my anti-virus program and it came up clean. I also ran Spybot search and destroy and that came up clean, but upon running SuperAntiSpyware I ended up getting a trojan entry. I'm not sure if it's real or not so that's why I'm here. I have updated the definitions for all of my programs including Super and the entry is still showing up. This is what it says. Trojan.Fake-Drop/Gen [2 items] Files: C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION\_RESTORE {2C500C47-08DD-455C-9F83-BEA2A88433FD}\RP211\A0041444.DLL C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION\_RESTORE {2C500C47-08DD-455C-9F83-BEA2A88433FD}\RP211\A0041445.DLL Is this legit and how can I go about cleaning it? I've cleaned it twice now and both times have rebooted my computer, which it states to do. And it still won't go away. Please help!
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