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  1. its well worth fully updateing SAS then rebooting into safe mode and running a full system scan. i did that and im finally free from all the hassle i went threw for days. as for the file appearing in systems32 folder, that i cant even offer help with, but im sure someone else on here will be able to help on that side of things.
  2. good news im finally free from all the spyware! i got a feeling it was somehow prgramed to stop after a certain time, not sure if thats possible but thats just my opinion. thanks for the help though guys! p.s. to anyone whos just found this topic, these people do no what there doing so dont be afraid to ask for help
  3. hi with the SAS all up to date with the definitions i was able to clear all them annoying folders i posted before on here and that was without needing to reboot in safe mode however when i do get more time i will do the safe full scan to see if that removes all the other issues posted below... Primary Symptoms: -Receiving False Security Alerts every few minutes -Receiving False Security Popups, generally claiming to be Windows Security Center system warnings (pic: http://vil.nai.com/images/143406_vil_wi ... center.gif) -Receiving firefox mozilla Pop ups for some Anti-spider software program w -Desktop Background image has been replaced by a HTML file called "default" which announces that a spyware threat has been detected; click here to scan your PC for spyware -Access to Task Manager "has been disabled by Administrator" -General computer slowdown... so it seems like its 2 types of spyware blended together... but tonight is my night off because i have a big date with tons of beer at my female anti christ sisters birthday drink up! and i doubt i will be in any fit state to even work my pc after that so first it beer brain blowing then human recovering in safe mode for me then when if im not to hungover its pc's time for a a medical checkup again will once again keep you guys updated so you no how it goes and for anyone else suffering with these issues on there pc's! p.s. glad your company invented a free SASprogram!!!!!!
  4. beatchawowa 2 speedy replies thnaks also to you mr admin! i shalll be sure to double check the definitions match your above recommendations before i runa full scan and i will post after its done to keep youguys informaed
  5. even i didnt think any reply would be this quick... im gonna reinstall this program after ive passed out with lack of sleep but i do keep any/all anti spyware/virus programs updated weekly if not dailys to be sure there able to catch new stuff... an i will say this which is AVG and spyware terminator all free anti spyware/virus programs have also been unluckly to fix this... also them folders which get installed if my records anything to go by are 1x 180 soulution folders 1x zango folder 2x 180 search assistant folders but two different spellings 1x seekmo folder 1x stc folder 1x Sysmnt folder there the only folders i no which are spyware so i hope that helps you guys out befor ei reinstall SAS p.s.. thnaks for the speedy gonzalas responce! *mankind wanders to the nearist shop selling comfy bed to hybernated for a light year* loll
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