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  1. Well well well, I have actually found a antispyware/adware program that WORKS. I must congratulate you since this is REALLY the first one that actually has gotten rideoff my problem.*Raices Hat*. But after SUPERAntispyware was done with the scan and actually removed the malware there few small little problems afterwards. 1. After the scan the SUPERAntispyware asked me to reboot, and I did that, after the reboot my computer crashed to the blue screen of death with a memory error. This screen only flashed for 1second so I really didn't see excatly what it said. It kept doing it, until I booted in safemode and rebooted with SUPERAntispyware's Bootsafe and once more booted in normal mode...problem solved hmm wierd . 2. After Windows booted two error windows popped up and said the some .dll files could not be found. But these .dll happened to be those pesky little adware/trojans the SUPERAntispyware actually had just deleted(thanks guys), and I actually confirmed this by checking the quarantine list and I saw that sortend adware/trojans had been using them(5 Vundo Variant adwares and 1 Vundo Variant trojan). Now my only question is how do I get rideoff those annyong error windows that popup everytime I boot. There must be something still trying you access them. Perhaps some leftovers in the startup list? Just want to confirm this before I go messing around since I really don't wanna do a format because I just got this rig working. Also some direction to how I can access the startup list and so on.....I have done this before.....but my memory is not the best....what was I saying?
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