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  1. Thanks for the comments, Guys. Just to clarify, it's SAS that appears to be causing the problem. I only mentioned AVG in case there are any known conflicts. The SAS version is 4.41.1 I'll see if there are any other apps running when this occurs and, if not, go down the re-install route.
  2. Hi, For the last few months I find that, once a scan has successfully run, the task bar is frozen and I get a "Windows Explorer is not responding" message if I try clicking on it. I have no other application running other than background items such as Google Talk. It's not a huge problem as I can just select "re-start" and that fixes it but it would be nice to fix this or verify the underlying problem is not a serious one. I'm running Windows Vista 32 and also have AVG (free) installed. Has anyone else encountered this? Cheers
  3. The latest defs caught it, I must have missed the update by a couple of hours as I ran the update before the original scan (honest)! Re-start and re-scan were clean Thanks for the assistance, it's much appreciated!
  4. Hi All, Firstly, my apologies if there is a thread relating to this (or I've posted to the wrong forum!) the search didn't find anything. Running XP Home. I've got a trojan which re-spawns, called Fake-drop. Extract from log: Trojan.Fake-Drop\Gen C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\RTCLCMG32.DLL Can anyone advise how I can clean this up, please? Many thanks!
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