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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for the information. I mean no offense in saying that the other said software is more or less 'top pick' in my book at the moment. It's just at this particular moment the other program is picking up stuff that SAS has missed(new vundo variants). I was impressed because I had not run into the other program before. I have been recommending SAS to everyone who has asked about spyware cleanup programs. I am still interested in licensing both for cleanup use as well as recommending both to clients who want a little more protection. Super Antispyware is a great and highly under rated program(as in, I don't see it mentioned in many software review websites or in the top picks at Major Geeks). I will continue to advocate it's usage! To all, please accept my apologies for sorta implying that SAS isn't a good program anymore. It's excellent. Please keep up the good fight!
  2. I am interested in purchasing a copy of Super Antispyware, but I have a special circumstance. I am a computer consultant. I prefer to use antispyware tools to remove spyware, but not leave the said tools running on the machine. Now, I know many other techs do this with commercial tools, but I have ethical issues with that. As I don't plan on leaving the software on the machine after the cleaning, can I purchase a single license of the software? I would feel better about doing this if I at least a paid for copy. So basically... I would clean the machine using the Free Version, and then consult with the customer on purchasing the full version. If the customer is interested in having the software on the machine I would then purchase a separate copy(of Super Antispyware Pro) for them and bill them later. Thanks, Comptechguy
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