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  1. Hey folks, solved the problem myself. uninstalled SASKUTIL from non pnp-driver... Greets, Asking_User
  2. Hello community, I have a litte problem concerning SAS (latest version!): After uninstalling in the system event viewer there is the following message, after every startup Service Control Manager Event 7026 Ereignistyp: Fehler Ereignisquelle: Service Control Manager Ereigniskategorie: Keine Ereigniskennung: 7026 Datum: 04.04.2008 Zeit: 11:56:47 Benutzer: Nicht zutreffend Computer: XXX Beschreibung: Das Laden folgender Boot- oder Systemstarttreiber ist fehlgeschlagen: SASKUTIL in english it should be: loading of boot or systemdrivers failed: SASKUTIL tried to reinstall and uninstall again, but no change.. can somebody tell me what to do?? Sorry for my poor english and if this problem should be solved somewhere else already, sorry for posting it again! Thanks a lot, Asking_User
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