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  1. No problem on the money bit, I was just kinda showing you my "normal luck".

    I talked to PC-cillin. They gave me the "canned response",

    ie PC-cillin is not compatible with SuperAntiSpyWare

    also PC-cillin is not compatible with Spy Sweeper.

    Dell recommended SuperAntiSpyWare and even downloaded it on one of my computers.

    Dell sold me Spy Sweeper which says it is not compatible with PC-cillin.

    Dell loaded it anyway.

    As usual, I am caught in the middle.

    Guess I'll have to think about it a bit.


  2. TYVM!!

    I was (really) mixed up.

    I'll contact PC-cillin.

    It went crazy maybe 4 or 5 error messages every time I tried anything.

    I couldn't see SuperAntiSpyWare having a Trojan.

    But since the New PC (a Dell) came with Pc-cillin, I had to lean in that direction.

    Cute story here, I had SuperAntiSpyWare on my old computer, so I donated $10. Then I decided to buy the "real" version at $29.95.

    Then the sale for $19.95 came up.

    No Problem, keep up the great work!!

  3. I updated the definitions and scanned yesterday - all okay.

    Today I updated the definitions and scanned - my Security program

    PC-cillin detects a Trojan in Superantispyware.exe.

    I was not able to quaranteen or delete it.

    I then tried to remove Superantispyware - no go.

    I'm running Vista and the free version.

    I ordered the Pro version about a week or so ago,

    I have yet to receive it.

    Any ideas???


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