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  1. You did not hear what I said. I said that SuperAntispyware is fine for newbies/average users. I guess I should have added it is fine also for idiots who take a lot risks and know better...ie those who just gotta go to porn sites and gambling, etc. I have never had a virus or spyware in over nine years of owning a computer. I practice safe hex and I don't go to sites like Facebook, or even sites like CNN and I have Flash Player installed on only one browser (that I never use on a regular basis on only ONE virtual machine). I also have Java installed on only one virtual machine for speed tests. Those are both venues of malware so I avoid them if at all possible. I use the Proxomitron to filter everything with the latest configs from Sidki (and two new ones to filter that Suggest crap that Google is putting out on their home page now), I have ProcessGuard full version on my XP machines and plan to put System Safety Monitor on Vista Ultimate. As for not being able to remove spyware if the antispyware isn't running all the time, gee I don't care if you can remove it or not. Doesn't everyone Image nowdays? I would simply replace the image. All I want your product to do is to tell me if I have any spyware which is highly unlikely. And yes, I don't remove spyware from other people's computers. That is too frustrating as none of those folks will change. They don't want to learn safe hex and practice it. They wouldn't get spyware if they learned how to use a computer properly and avoided porn, crack, and even many popular sites (like MySpace). If the user runs an HIPS classic, or otherwise, then they are even less likely to get spyware...especially if it is a classic HIPS, but then they have to learn how to use a computer and how to use an HIPS and classic ones are more difficult to learn but more protective and these spyware prone users don't want to do that. They don't even want to use the absolutely essential Proxomitron! Nor do they use an outstanding antivirus. They all seem to use Norton or McAfee two of the very worst! I have gone years with no antivirus except on demand scanner and never got any malware. I will, as I said earlier continue to recommend this product to newbies/average users but not to others.
  2. So Mele20 would you rather SAS had a service instead(like most others) No, I don't like that AdAware went to a Service which is unnecessary on XP. I stopped using it when they did that but I had not used it hardly in years as AdAware badly betrayed its users twice over the years and so it was no big deal to stop using it entirely. (I guess I will try again to fix Spybot. It is the only antispyware that has stayed true all these years. I have a broken install of an old version and can't uninstall and have tried many times to fix it). Spybot doesn't have a 020 object that loads on startup. I don't use SuperAntispyware except on demand about once a month. I do not need or want that object loaded in memory all the time when I only use SuperAntispyware once a month. It is a shame as it is an excellent product but appears designed for newbies/clueless users who need to run it in real time. That is also the problem with Alex's Counterspy also. None of these programs (excepting Spybot) are intended for more advanced users who don't need to run the application in real time. That usenet thread was interesting. I was going to try SuperAntispware several years ago but was totally turned off by the IE and Active X dependence of the website. Too bad I didn't see that thread back then so I could have added my 2 cents. Fx has been my default browser since Phoenix days and before that Netscape was my default browser. I don't like IE and don't like any programs that hard code to call IE for any functions. Anyhow, I still think SuperAntispyware is an excellent product for those needing realtime protection. For others who just want to use it occasionally as a back up scan, it is not worth it. Actually, it would be preferable if the choice was the 020 object or running as a service to have it run as a service because I could then disable it in Services until I wanted to use it, then enable, use it and disable again. But this winlogin stuff, I can't disable that so it leaves me with no choice but to uninstall SuperAntspyware. I will continue to recommend the product to newbies/clueless users, but will caution any users like myself who only want to run it periodically that they may want to avoid it.
  3. I use this wonderful program as on demand only because I also have good antispyware coverage from my antivirus program (Avira Premium). I have the free version 4.20.1046. I know this is nothing to be concerned about but could someone please explain why I see this in Hijackthis log since I have SuperAntispyware set for on demand use only: O20 - Winlogon Notify: !SASWinLogon - C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SASWINLO.DLL What exactly is this entry? Hijackthis information says it is usually a trojan. Well, I know that is not true in this case, but what is it exactly? Thanks!!
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