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  1. Thanks for your reply SUPERAntiSpy, I think you are right (although I don't actually use Zone Alarm) - after upgrading SAS my firewall did ask for confirmation to accept a new process accessing the Internet and I'm sure that sorted it out. Cheers
  2. My update problem is now gone I decided to 'bite the bullet' & register for the full version of SAS Pro v4 & since I activated the product it now updates correctly from both locations in the software - no idea why but anyway I'm happy now By the way, the real-time protection available in the registered version is amazingly light on resources. After some other competing products I tried (some of which slowed my PC to a crawl) this really is a breath of fresh air. Cheers
  3. Hi, I'm having a problem similar, but not exactly the same, as agentwd40. In my case I updated to the latest v4.0.1154 from v3.9 and afterwards I get the message about my firwall blocking update attempts. BUT, strangely, this only applies if I try to update from the 'Check for Updates...' button on the SAS Main Menu screen. If I click on the Preferences button, go to the Updates tab & click on the 'Check for Updates Now...' button there, it all works fine. Any idea why it would update from one place & not the other? Cheers
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