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  1. I just wanted to add-that my "False positive" was reported by System Mechanic 7 by Iolo Software. I paid $59.99 for that product ( with updates for 1 year). I have had nothing but problem after problem with that "famous" software and got absolutely the poorest tech support known to man!!! As we speak-the program tells me- what "problems" my system has when I run it. It says EVERY TIME that I need to back up the Registry-despite the fact that I have it scheduled to back up every 2 weeks and there are 10 copies held of my system Registry within the program-it TELLS me I have none. Very trustworthy program. If I ever have a problem with it-do you think I could count on it to do the job-since it says nothing exists anyway. When I e-mail tech support-and take the time to 'snapshot' my system. I have heard NOTHING back to this day. I sent a snapshot of my system to SAS and got a reply in a cou[le of days. Commendable job!!!
  2. AND they will get Right back to you. Almost immediate respose. Tech support is THE BEST!!!!
  3. [Your tech support and customer service are Absolutely the Greatest.!!!! I had a problem with a False positive and comunicated with this company in 3 emails. They were SOOOO helpful and prompt AND knowledgeable that I cannot say enough kind words!! The e-mail support was SOO quick that I was shocked. To have such Great customer service and Tech support for a FREE product is UNHEARD OF!!! You're the BEST!!! Thanks so much!!!!
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