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  1. sorry for posting twice in a row but turning DDA off did allow the scan to complete successfully, what can be done to remedy the DDA issue now? ps when the updates say DDA compatibility improved, when do you see it becoming 100% compatible with all NTFS file systems?
  2. Files can't be damanged by scanning. If you uncheck the DDA (Direct Disk Access) option under the Scanning Control Preferences and scan, does the scan hang? I was referring to me having to manually restart when it froze, surely that will have damaged something, with regards to the DDA option I will try it without it active ps what if it freezes again though my computer could get messed up if it froze
  3. I ran a complete scan today and it started to slow in places then when it got to the scanning files stage it got stuck, there was no HD activity but the clock was still ticking any help please I have the latest updates and it did this in the previous version as well, I'm not too happy as I had to manually restart my computer and am worried my files will be damaged for doing so I actually like your software a lot but the last few versions have been causing these issues and I all I get for running it is a headache, please help
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    under general questions should do
  5. superantispyware was working with the current build but after a few definitions updates it started to stall which its never done before
  6. I also had it stall on me but while it was scanning the seperate user accounts for internet cache and this was whle I was running a complete scan
  7. the latest version of superantispyware free edition 4.15.1000 I asked about damage because I restarted the computer mid scan and just wondered if anything can mess up due to this
  8. I ran a quick scan today and it was doing fine until it started scanning the local service cookie folder then it wouldn't progress any further but the timer was still counting, I couldn't get the scan to stop or the program to close and ended up having to restart the computer, This version of superantispyware has never done this before and is only a recent occurance. Can someone investigate this please as I find your product a great asset ps would any major file damage have occured from restarting during the scan?
  9. When I am browsing the internet it my firewall keeps asking for permission for Sasseh.dll, if I dent it my Internet explorer keeps saying page cannot be displayed, do I need to permit it or can I prevent it interfering with my web surfing? ps I also have superantispyware free edition
  10. well not trace registry but trace files in the temp internet directory
  11. Are traces capable of sending information out to malicious people or can they not function alone? I found them in the temp internet folder if it helps, is there anyway of knowing what the main infection was they came from? thankyou for helping me out
  12. I recently had a run in with Zango infection but I cleaned it by using some other software yet when I ran superantispyware today it found 12 traces possibly from Zango which I removed, what I want to know is are these traces able to activate and do damage or are they just left overs that are inactive? ps the scan only found traces (files) no running processes or registry entries, any help would be appreciated
  13. One of our developers contacted you correct? I received a personal message from someone from your team a few hours ago which I replied to now waiting for them to get back to me
  14. Tried to uninstall and reinstall and it hasnt worked can someone who has a hand in making the software please help me out?
  15. I have the latest version of Superantispyware free version and when I do a complete scan of the C:\ drive it doesnt scan any files at all only a few registry and memory entries can someone help me out? ps the version before this worked great but now since V4 it has started happening
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