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  1. Thanks SUPERAntispyware for the reply. Its good to pinpoint what's causing the problem. After reading your reply, I tried removing the permission and starting over, but the same thing happens anyway. This is not the only program it seems to block when trying to update using the Administrators profile. Others update without any problem at all. Anyway, thanks again. I'll keep working with it. Maybe I'll have to uninstall Zone Alarm and start over again.
  2. I recently installed SUPERAntispyware (free version) on my computer in the Administrator profile. I'm using Windows XP and Zone Alarm as my firewall. For some reason, it will not allow me to update under that profile. When I try to do so, it gives me a box that says "There was an error trying to retrieve definitions. Make sure your firewall is not blocking SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE from accessing the Internet." I checked in Zone Alarm under Program Control and made sure that it's included as one of the programs allowed access. But as soon as I click on update something blocks it again. The strange thing is that if I go into another secondary profile, I am able to update with no problem. But every time I log back into the Administrators account, I'm blocked again and so I'm unable to scan that profile with up to date definitions. Any ideas on what might be causing that?? I really need to get this working as I have a problem with some malware or something and need to see if this will detect it. I've run the updated program on the secondary profile and it only detected one adware problem. Thanks for whatever help or idea anyone can give!
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