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  1. Had the same prob, I'm on Vista Business SP1.I also downloaded the stand alone installer from SAS website and it handled the situation, but I lost my settings. Nth too bad of course, just reporting Thanx for the new SAS!
  2. Well there are other ways she could pay you without having any money Anyway, my suggestion always is SAS plus 1-2 more applications like Dr.WEB CureIT all together for the heavily infected machines. Never let me down
  3. Just did, subject is "mpssvc hang" I have not received the file - maybe try zipping it incase your e-mail provider and/or program is blocking sending raw DLL's. Well I sent it again from a different mail account to nicks[[[ at ]]]superantispyware.com.It was zipped the previous time, so it's strange
  4. Just did, subject is "mpssvc hang"
  5. Yes, I just installed SAS today on a fresh Vista intall. It is deffinetely a DDA problem, cause I scanned multiple times with DDA on and off.I don't know if it helps, but the disk is Seagate 80 GB -8 MB -7200.9 Sata II I don't know exactly what DDA is or how it works so I'm just throwing info
  6. This is strange because you say you are using the FREE version, so nothing actually runs in the background and there shouldn't be any conflicts! Try excluding the SUPERAntispyware folder in the exclusion list of Panda, if it has any.
  7. I unchecked Direct Disk Access and it doesn't hang!! If you want any information, tell me
  8. When it reaches the file mpssvc.dll in C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows..bla bla folder, it keeps scanning it for 10-15secs, so I freak out afraid of having a BSoD and cancel the scan! What would you suggest me to do? Wait some more? Is this normal? PS: It doesn't hang when it scans the file in system32 folder.
  9. There has been a discussion about this here -> http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=206673Just giving you sth to read as you wait for SUPERantispy's or pandato's answer
  10. PiCo

    SA congratz !!!

    Where did you get this review from? I don't trust any of them, just asking I like to judge on personal experience! Spyware Doctor in #3? I almost had to reformat after once installing it, one BSoD after another. Spy Sweeper has become a little bloated too. SpywareDetector is a rogue!!! -> http://www.malwarebytes.org/roguenet.php?id=339
  11. SAS rules, no question about it. It's unique. Unfortunately, well at least here in Greece, it isn't very popular, BUT I'm on to changing that Congrats on the developers.
  12. I suggest you try TuneUp Utilities 2008, german program, superb.
  13. The icon actually reminds me of SpySheriff, it does make SAS look like a rogue program But the program inside in superb.
  14. Well, seems I'm a bit blind! I DO get the scan option for folders when the program is running, but couldn't see it untill today Of course I don't get the scan option for drives or separate file, but that's probably due to the free version. CONSIDER PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanx for your replies, congrats on your supersonic product and sorry for any inconvience
  15. Comodo Defense+ for HIPS, but it was off during installation. I'm using it for a long time and never had problems with all sorts of installations.Avast! didn't complain during installation either. Didn't find a log anywhere. OS: Vista Ultimate 32bit -> There might be a small incompatibility, can't come up with anything else
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