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  1. I have used Kaspersky since version 6 and it works well. I do beta testing for them as well. samples and false positives are always sorted out quickly and always get a reply from a human. If need be I will use the skip conflicting products check once the current beta version goes final. Ive never really been a fan of AVG. for free i reccomend avast and paid f-secure or kaspersky. i always install sas free on all clients systems to check every so often for anything that bypass their av.
  2. Hello, The malware on my clients machine set a software retriction policy that prevents installing sas. "the administrator has set policies to prevent this installation" i have checked the local security policy and cannot find it. i searched on google and there was a possible solution on bleepingcomputer forums but neither of the solutions worked. this is the full log from event viewer : The installation of C:\Program Files\Common Files\Wise Installation Wizard\WISCDDCBBF1270346BC938BBCC81A1EEAAA_4_27_0_1002.MSI is not permitted due to an error in software restriction policy processing. The object cannot be trusted. I normally use sas repair tab to remove restrictions. the OS is windows xp media centre 32bit. thanks in advance
  3. hello, for some reason the lastest beta versions of kaspersky 2009 are automatically removing superantispyware. i think kaspersky are just adding applications to the list that could possibily cause problems. superantispyware and kaspersky work great together. Can someone from superantispyware please contact kaspersky and get superantispyware removed from the kaspersky incompatible list? thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I am running windows vista home premium 64bit. superantispyware imformed me there is anm update avaliable. so i clicked on install now. it told me all the changes and then prompted me to reboot to complete the update. so i thought this is good i can now install updates using standard user account. when i rebooted the update wasnt installed. so i tryed to install the update from my admin account. same thing happerned. the only way i could get the update to work was to shutdown superantispyware, right click superantispyware.exe and click run as administrator on an administrator account. the update then worked successfully and didnt need a reboot. Im hoping the native 64bit verison coming later this month will allow me to install the updates from a standard user account and ask me for admin rights via a UAC prompt.
  5. Hello, someone at the eset forum at wilders forums has reported an fp on superantispyware.exe from nod32 http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=244569 I thought someone from superantispyware may want to contact eset directly to get it sorted.
  6. Hello Nick, thanks for the reply. i am willing to test it early. so can you inform when it is ready to be tested?
  7. Hello, I know that to install superantispyware version updates you need admin rights. so i logged on to my admin account and got superantispyware to check for update. it told me an upgrade is avaliable. I clicked on download and install now. it told me i needed admin rights to install the update. my operating system is vista home premium 64bit. the only way i could install the update was to shutdown superantispyware and then right click the file and run as administrator. this happerned when i upgraded from 2.24 to 2.25 as well. is this meant to happern? surely when you click on download and install now I should get a uac prompt? it would then up the rights to admin and then install the update then lower rights? im wondering if the same thing would happern if i ran a scan on vista on the admin account and it found malware. would it say dont have admin rights cannot remove malware? btw my computer is malware free. On the same note if it doesnt have admin rights it wouldnt be able to scan in certain locations. the update worked fine on my windows xp box. i have been using superantispyware for quite along time now and am genrally very happy with the product but the above are a few concerns when running sas on vista.
  8. Hello, yesterday i installed superantispyware 4.24.1004 if i go to the repairs tab there is no repairs avaliable. i dont need to use them but still wonder why they arent there. i use vista home premium 64bit. thanks in advance lodore
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