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  1. Just started using Professional Edition and running Real Time Protection Can someone tell me if in the Preferences I leave unchecked the "Srart SAS when windows starts" will Real time protection be active . I notice that when I leave it unchecked the Icon does not shown on the Sys Tray unless i manually open SAS . I prefer to leave it unchecked as my computer starts up much quicker . If I check it I there is some delay before I can open other programs Graeme
  2. Thank you Yes I realize that these cookies do no harm , they do not bother me at all but if SAS finds them I think they may as well be deleted
  3. [ Graesid Do you have more than one account on your computer? You can leave the for the next reboot. Yes I have an Admin account and a limited user account which I myself use most of the time . Thank you
  4. Fortunately the only thing I ever find on my system is a few Tracking Cookies . What i cannot understand is that to remove them using Superantispyware it requires me to Reboot which I find annoying . I am never using any other program when scanning so I do noy see how they can be active they are just small text files . Is it Ok to ignore this message and leave things till I shut down my computer which I do every night . Graesid
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