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  1. 4.25.1012 After I re-opened SAS, a new version became available. I just downloaded and installed 4.25.1014.
  2. I ran the latest SAS in Safe Mode and it found several things. When SAS started to remove them, it crashed and gave me this error: Any ideas? I'm not even sure if SAS completed the cleaning.
  3. Say we do the offline scan first and it finds several files and removes them, but it can't make changes to the offline registry. If we then boot from that drive and do an online scan, will it still find the bad stuff in the registry and remove it? Or does it need to find the files in Windows at the time to know what to do with the registry?
  4. So the offline scan can't make changes to the offline registry?
  5. Thank you. Do you recommend scanning from Safe Mode?
  6. Yes, that is how we are doing it - and it is a nice feature. My question - is this the best way to scan and remove malware, or is there any reason we should boot from the infected PC and scan from there?
  7. We are trying out SAS for the first time. Currently, we have SAS installed on a clean, fast system and then attach the possibly infected hard drive via USB 2.0. This way, we can scan the drive without booting into it or having to go in safe mode etc. Is there any reason why we should be loading SAS onto the infected drive, booting to it and scanning from there, or is the way we are doing it safer and more effective?
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