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  1. Yes , I have replied to their message .
  2. Hi SUPERAntiSpy , thanks for your reply . I was overstating the issue maybe , but unchecking DDA would never had occurred to me as a solution. I would have Un- Installed if I had not found the answer here at the Forum . I don't have any problem now after unchecking the DDA option in scanning options. Direct Disk Access is obviously not compatible with my system , knowing that out of over 7 million users I am one of only a few is a bit unfortunate , and I appreciate you taking the time to address our few individual cases . I run Windows XP with some services disabled , such as the Indexing Service , plus Security is implemented heavily on my system . Thanks for your support
  3. I just joined the Forum here to see if anyone had this neverending scan problem , luckily I found this thread . Today I let a Full Scan run for 11 hours . I had stopped a few previous Quick scans after an hour or so out of concern that something was wrong . I must say I'd like a bit more info from the developers . I have just begun using SUPERAntiSpy a month ago , after a recent update the problem has occurred . I've firstly downloaded the latest release of the Home edition , and have Add/Remove programs open ready to delete SUPERAntiSpy , cleanup and re-install . I hope no damage has been done to my Hard Drive with all this scanning If there is any further information it would be great if it was posted as I feel this product is good , and was recommended from many reliable sources , but this present situation of disabling the "Use Direct Disk Access" option in the Scanning Control options center is not an acceptable answer to the question . Is this a isolated problem ? Which would suggest the System's this is happening on have a similar configuration maybe ? I don't know but would sure like to find out what the root of this is . I'm running Win XP SP2 ( fully patched) 2.6Ghz Intel Celeron , 512 MB RAM ,40 GB HDD
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