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  1. I've already tried disabling everything in McAfee (eg VirusScan, Firewall, etc), but the problem still occurs. Mike.
  2. I have McAfee, but, as far as I am aware, that should not conflict with SuperAntiSpyware. Mike.
  3. I know that this has been raised before, but my Pentium 4 PC, using Vista SP1 is currently running at over 50% processor usage, constantly, and it is down to SuperAntiSpyware. You claim that the tools that I am using (eg Task Manager and Performance Monitor) don't give accurate results, but, even if they are not accurate, they still indicate that a lot of CPU time is being used. I can also tell that the CPU is working hard, from the speed of the cooling fan. You also claim that it doesn't matter. While I wouldn't be using the processor for anything else (the PC is otherwise idle), it does mean that I am using more electricity than I should, both for the processing, and to run the cooling fan. When I start SuperAntiSpyware real time protection, the processor usage starts at about 10%. This slowly increases as time goes by, so that, after about 24 hours, it is, as now, running at above 50%, constantly. Please don't fob me off with the usual excuses. I really think that there is a problem here that you need to investigate. Because of this, I have felt the need to turn off real time protection on my main PC. I think that this is a shame, because, in most ways, SuperAntiSpyware is a great product. Mike.
  4. And is the processor normal, too? (My processor is a Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz). Mike.
  5. I think that I am getting a similar problem, under Vista Ultimate 32bit SP1. See:- and:- Mike.
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