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  1. How will this effect current subscriptions? And will the software now become bloatware? I am always sceptical when excellent software is bought out as inevitably the prices go up, software gets bloated etc Also support.com seems to charge an extortionate amount of money for basic services, which again makes me apprehensive
  2. I'm having an issue as follows, I got a pop up saying that an update was available so I downloaded the installation file again from HERE, rather than auto update as I have had numerous problems with auto updates in the past. However when I ran the installation file it said that version 4.35.1004 was installed, the version just downloaded was 4.35.1002 What is going on? Should I just allow it to install? I am completely lost now with all of this FYI I am running Win7 Pro x64
  3. Yes I requoted what I had already tried previously, and it was the same steps that didnt work. After every reboot I get the same message about trial expiring as well as getting the error immediately after re-registering in order to set my preferences/options FYI the reference number is 00032446
  4. Having major issues with 4.27.1000. I could not download/install update due to admin issues. Reran SaS as admin and it updated. Afterwards it complained that my trial had ran out. I tried to uninstall but whilst the app was listed under add/remove programs there was no option to uninstall/repair etc. I downloaded sasuninstall.exe and ran that, it went straight to prompt to reboot, which I did. After this reboot I downloaded the full pro version install and ran it. It advised that 4.26.xxxx (cant remember the exact number) was already installed and it would require uninstall. I allowed this and after uninstall/reinstall I again get the prompt that my trial had ran out. I entered my key again and it accepted it, but when I clicked the tray icon to set options etc I got the trial had ran out problem again. Thus having to start all over again. I have tried this around 5 times now and am totally pished off I have had issues in the past where having this problem made me get an error about activated too many times and this was reset, but now I am having to put my key in every boot/time I want to set something. Please sort this out. FYI I am running Vista Ultimate x64 on intel c2d e8400 with 4gb mem.
  5. Seems everything is now fine, just had an update and it worked perfectly Thanks
  6. That should do it for you. If you're logged in as an administrator, and you get that error message when you try to update, that solution should address permission anomalies. OK Thankyou, I will report back here when the next update is released whether or not it works
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, I will use that now but obviously won't be able to check it works until the next update That said, is there any solution to the not able to update issue?
  8. I am getting this error now, I have rebooted and manually checked for update but get the same error "The update must be done from an account with Administrator privileges." This is damn annoying, is there anyway to fix this? I know I can manually visit the webpage, download SAS Pro, uninstall the old one, reboot, reinstall the new one, reboot, re-enter my reg key. But that is so long winded, shouldn't the update do just that, update itself without me jumping through hoops everytime? FYI current version I am running is 4.25.1012 under Vista Ultimate 32bit.
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