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  1. Why would you install 3.4 when you knew 4.0 was available. Submit a support request here and we can provide you the registry script to clean your system. https://www.superantispyware.com/support.html NOTE FOR OTHER PEOPLE READING THIS THREAD : Don't install old versions of the software and update to 4.0 and try and uninstall just to see if you receive a problem - it wastes everyone's time. Just download and install 4.0.1154 and you will have NO PROBLEMS. I did'nt install old versions of the software and update to 4.0 then try and uninstall JUST to see if i received a problem and i dont want to waste everyone's time. I wanted to use the program and had an old version sitting un-installed on my pc. So i rather nieavely(i admit) intalled it and didnt think it would be a problem to allow the program to use its own update program to bring it up to date. If i knew that doing this was really the wrong thing to do i would'nt of done it
  2. I dont want to hijack someone else's post so.. I installed an old version of SAS i had on my pc last night,it was version i then updated via the built in update program to version 4.0.1154. After using the program to clean my pc i tried to uninstall SAS using Add/Remove Programs. Now im getting the same problem as Sher, the blue screen of death with the same message stating that"PROBLEM IS CAUSED BY SASKUTIL.sys Driver unloaded without pending operations. I am instructed to reboot. What should i do? im not the most confident pc user and would really like somebody to talk me through how to delete SAS or is it a case of just waiting for..!we are preparing version 4.1 which will address that issue for all users!
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