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  1. Hi, Since sending my help request last nigh i installed a competitiors trial software which gave me the registry location of the file which was hijacking my browser and te name of the sofware company behind it. its advanced cleaner and the hijacked location alwaus go to them using a leosrvBar hijacker The registry file name was wnthlpp.exe which i have manualy delated and removed the start page references and replaced them with a more suitable home page. I bought your software specificaly to remove this issue but it failed. All it kept doing was notifying me that the hijacker was trying to change my web page until i deleted it. Your analysing software was run earlier tonight but i do not know what value you will get from it in light of the fact I had deleted the hijacker and its location or controling file manualy.
  2. Hi, Im a newbi and have completed a purchase of SuperAntispyware.com profesional. I have run a scan and set Hijack protection to on. I have scanned the system and it identifies my Hijacker but fails to remove it so all i keep getting is the hijack attempt notification which is driving me nuts. How can i get rid of the hijacker and restor calm arround my browser?
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