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  1. dabceb

    SAS Scan is Freezing

    I have submitted a CSR. This thread can be closed.
  2. dabceb

    SAS Scan is Freezing

    Performing complete scans, SAS freezes regularly with a MS error message, after that Dr Watson shuts down as well. 4.15.1 Professional user Help is appreciated!
  3. dabceb

    SAS-SAB Bundle Question

    Thanks, the light bulb came on after leaving the forum. I'm all set.
  4. Just purchased the bundle offering of SAS\SAB and new user of the board. It appears as though I have two registration codes, assuming one for each product. Have two questions after i activated my SAS free-edition: 1. Does Ad Blocker have its own installation and icons? 2. Where do I need to put in the the second RC-code, if required to activate SAB? Thanks in advance!