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  1. . . .thanks for the replies. i have managed to get the answer as to how to add the Update Application to my firewall's Permissions list, however, still not getting the Produst update properly so, we are now thinking that my particular download of SAS may somehow be corrupted & i may have to uninstall/reinstall afterall. . . .IDH? how would i know to do anything 'custom' in PCTools if i don't even know some of the basic's yet? lol! it's all new to me atm & takes a bit of getting used to. i've only had my pc, preloaded w/the Vista Home Premium OS for a couple of months now & am having to sort of 're-learn' everything all over again due to the Vista & choosing security software programs that seem to work better with it than most others. . . .anyhoo, if it doesn't alert me to the newer Product update available within the next day or so, then i will just uninstall it, download & install the newer one myself & see how things go from there. . . .again, thank you for your input here. much appreciated! spryte
  2. . . .nope, that didn't work! just got the same popup iget whenever i 1st turn on my pc each day, "A program needs your permission to contiue." & when i click on the Continue button, the popup disappears but nothing else happens? i have the free version of PCTools. thank you for your help so far.
  3. . . .well then, is there a way to prevent my firewall from doing this? if so, how??
  4. hello! . . .i'm new & was referred here by someone else for help regarding my SAS FE product update issue. i have the v3.9 &, as i understand it, i should have received notification of the lastest version update, however, i haven't. in fact, i don't seem to recieve notice of any updates, but rather, i have to open SAS & click on the Check for updates button to get any at all? . . .i have an HP Pavilion a6342p desktop pc, running Vista Home Premium OS, with Avast Antivirus, PCTools Firewall, & i also have SpywareBlaster aside from the SAS itself. i have no clue as to why this program doesn't seem to notify me of important product version updates - does anyone else here have any ideas? . . .what can i do, on my own end, to get SAS to do this on it's own as it should? i am downright anal about keeping all of my security programs up to date & don't like it when something isn't cooperating/doing as it should! any help/advice would be so greatly appreciated!! thank you in advance, spryte
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