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  1. There is no version 4.22.1022, its 4.22.1014. But the version that you want, as I + others are using for Win98SE is 4.24.1004. Again the links are http://filehippo.com/download_superantispyware/5052/ http://filehippo.com/download_superantispyware/ Again, check the other topic "SAS Free not working properly" for a complete explanation.
  2. This is the link for version 4.24 1004, there are 2 links in the other topic. http://filehippo.com/download_superantispyware/5052/
  3. Check out the topic "SAS Free not running properly", on this page of topics, which I began as a Win98SE user with your same problem. I went back to version 4.24. 1004, the general consensus version in this topic, works fine again for me. Also a rep from SAS Free explains the problem, agrees with reverting back.
  4. Thanks, I am unchecking that. I saw that as well, just want to verify. SAS Free 4.24 1004 works fine was able to get the definitions as always. This is obviously the version for us Win98SE users.
  5. Just un-installed SAS Free 4.25.1012, re-installed 4.24 1004 working normally again, will wait to try another update of definitions when the next one is available, trust it will work fine again. How can I prevent SAS Free from installing new versions of the program (eg 4.25.1012) when the notice appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. Is there a way just to install the definitions while retaining the current version which works on Win98SE. I am a non-techie, so please make your reply easy to follow. Thanks.
  6. The key to using SAS Free is to get the spyware definitions, changes to the program that no longer support Win98SE are irrelevant, as long as we can continue to get the definitions (no matter which previous version of the program we use minus the newest features) our protection remains intact. I kept a copy of the previous version I was using ( not sure which version it is), am now going to install it, will report on my experience. Colin. the Win98SE forum you refer to is something I have been following, contributing to for quite awhile. In fact I recently ran the update to AutoPatcher for Win98SE which effectively installs all the new patches, hotfixes, updates so my installation of 98SE is up to date to December 2008. This program must be used very carefully, might crash your computer, I have been very lucky with it.
  7. I spoke too soon, still having problems with the newest SAS Free. After uninstalling the program then re-installing it from scratch the problems persist, will check it out for the next few updates.
  8. My SAS Free is taking about 30 sec to startup, then seems to be running fine. I also use that complete set of programs you list as well as Avast for AntiVirus protection, the last free version of Sygate Personal Firewall for Win98SE, HiJack This, MRU Blaster (from the same company that makes Spyware Blaster). The last version of Firefox that will work on 98SE is, version 3.xx will not. Mozilla is no longer offering any new updates for FF2.0.0.20 but the extensions continue to update. With all this protection software, I feel safe using FF2.0.0.20, have no plans to go to another browser.
  9. Thanks Pandato. Win98SE works so well for me that I am not changing. This is the only version of SAS Free that has given me a problem. It's now working fine, just a little slow to launch the program. Protection is great. My next OS change will probably be either a Mac, security is barely a problem.
  10. Interesting. After writing this, I try SAS Free again, works perfectly. Then try it again, a few times, the program takes a very long time to open, then seems to work properly again without the "non-responsive" error. Bottom line, just taking very long to open. Thanks.
  11. I just installed the newest update to SAS Free on my Win98SE computer. All other versions work properly but after installing this newest update, SAS Free is either non-responsive trying to retrieve the definitions (after hitting crtl-alt-delete) or the program will not open at all. My Sygate Personal Firewall, as before, is allowing my computer to access the SAS site. This problem is totally new, how can I fix it? I am a non-techie so please make your reply very easy to follow. Thanks.
  12. Bit the Bullet!! Got the new version from the SAS website, click on it to install, offers to uninstall the current version then install the new version, the install was successful, when I restart SAS, the new version shows up, I reset a couple of settings, no hassle!!, then checks for new definitions, just carry on from here. Just my experience, hope you guys have the same luck. Thanks.
  13. Same as ant in first message, says to close the main SAS window before installing the program update but the main window won't close so I can't update. What's the fix? Thanks.
  14. Same box like those above. After I click on the icon to open SAS, the program comes up, then in the bottom right of the screen a smaller box comes up giving me the choice to either download + install the update or continue then update later. If I choose to download + install, that's when the error window that all the others are getting comes up, so I click "ok", then close the SAS main window, then nothing happens. Repeat this 5 or 6 times, still nothing happens. Thanks.
  15. Getting the same problem as the others (Win98SE), a previous update went fine. This time I close the main window, nothing happens, even after many repeats. Thanks.
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