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  1. In real time protection, is there any diference in the detection ability of SAS over SAB - as SAS uses a newer scan engine? For on demand scanning, is SAS any better than SAB? If so, in what way? Thanks.
  2. Who do you think you are? I NEVER said I had any samples. Read the thread and the Wilders thread before you make yourelf look even more ignorant.
  3. Look, I dont pretend to be a security expert, however, I read a couple of threads on Wilders and some posts by people who are experts. I asked the question there - does SAS detect Rustock.C - and the answer I was given from a well respected menber was that it did not. This member has proven that SAS does not detect the versions of Rustock.C that are referred to by Dr. Web or Kaspersky. I appreciate that there may be variants of Rustock.C. I just wanted to know if SAS would have protected me from the variants being mentioned on Wliders / bt Kaspersky and Dr.Web - as if not, I would need to install KAV instead of F-Secure.
  4. I need just one answer - yes or no - had to ask several times in order to get that and when I did it was wrong. Anyhow, I have uninstalled SAS and wont be installing it again. Bye
  5. I have no hidden agenda. I asked a simple question and got a vague answer. The reason Im asking is that I have a license for SAS. I usually use F-Secure with SAS, but understand F-Secure does not detect the Rustock.C referred to by Dr.Web or Kaspersky. I wanted to know if SAS detected this as if not, I would install KAV - which I have a license for. Eventually, I was told here that SAS did detect Rustock.C - however, a member on Wilders said it did not and has proved this - you have discussed this with him and asked that he send you the samples in question. I have no agenda other than wanting to know if a product I have paid for protects me from a particular nastie. All I have had is a reply saying "it should" - and then when asked again a confirmation that it does - only to find out later that it does not. I find it strange that you treat your customers like this - telling me I have a hidden agenda - just because I ask a question. it is you who has been vague and inaccurate (by which I mean saying SAS detects Rustock.C when it does not) If you want to give me a refund on my SAS license I will be more than happy as Im sick of your attitude.
  6. It would appear that you are wrong and that SAS does not detect it after all. See: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=211664 http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthre ... 86&page=11
  7. Hi, I posted a comment in a Wilders thread saying you said SAS did detect Rustock.C and the reply from one of their members is thst having tested it five minutes ago with your latest signatures is that SAS does not detect Rustock.C. The member in question suggests I point you to the comment and to him as I believe he has the malware samples. http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthre ... ost1258326
  8. Thank you, so SAS does detect Rustock.C. I was not aware there were variations of that specific version.
  9. Whilst I agree that viruses / trojans etc are called different names by various vendors etc, Rustock.C is only known as that OR Win32.Ntldrbot as far as Im aware - everyone knows about this nastie. It shouldnt be hard for you to say if SAS detects it or not.
  10. From looking at the Wilders forum, it would appear that Kaspersky and Dr.Web are the only scanners to detect it. I dont know that SAS does not - but had ben told that it did not by a Wilders member. can a representative of SAS state if SAS does in fact detect and remove it to clear up the issue? Cheers. C
  11. Can SAS detect Rustock.C, if not, are there plans to enable this detection and if so, when? Cheers, C
  12. Cool - and what a fast reply!
  13. You say of course we will - BUt does SAS currently have the ability to detect polymorphic trojans in the wild AND will it detect a trojan that has been repacked - without first having to send a sample of that trojan to you? - Will it unpack these / detect them? cheers
  14. Will SAS detect and remove; polymorphic trojans and repacked trojans etc?
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