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  1. I have concluded that it is not known how many SAS users have problems with the removal of SAS, After all how many users have tried to REMOVE SAS with ADD/REMOVE Programs. Not many I bet. By the way what is the status of version 4.1. Sherr
  2. Approximately three weeks ago I downloaded SAS for the first time. Subsequently there were two updates I never paid attention to the version numbers. After the second update I encountered a minor problem. I never knew if that problem was SAS related. At that time I attempted to use ADD/REMOVE to remove SAS. That's when I first encountered BSOD. At that time I didn't even know what BSOD meant. That's when I joined this forum. So with a four week old SAS program and two SAS updates I found out via the error message on BSOD that SASKUTIL was the problem. That's when I first used the DELETE SAKUTIL procedure. That was last Friday. Now I have SAS version 4.0.1154. When 4.1 is available I will use ADD/Remove Programs to remove 4.0.1154. I'll will then install 4.1. Should I encounter problems removing 4.0.1154 I will DELETE the SASKUL file again. The Dell forum provided assistance during this period.
  3. In reply to your question how did I remove SAS version 3.9 without getting BSOD. I went into the C drive and listed all files. I located and opened the SAS file folder and then deleated the SASKUL file. Then with ADD/Remove Programs I removed SAS version 3.9. Then I downloaded and am now using SAS 4.0.1154. I assume that 4.0.1154 can now be removed by ADD/Remove programs ahould that ever be necessary. Sherr
  4. I will not disable SASKUTIL as you suggest. How do I confirm the version number of SAS that I downloaded today. Thank you for assisting me in resolving this matter. Sherr
  5. My original SAS installation was done 3 to 4 weeks ago. All updates were installed since then. Yesterday I removed SASKILUTIL from the SAS file. Today I used ADD/REMOVE to remove SAS. Then I reinstalled SAS. Do you suggest that I attempt to remove and reinstall SAS again or leave it be. Prior to removing SAS I ran SAS without SASKILUTIL. No problems were encountered in doing this. Sherr
  6. The reply received from your technical support is unacceptable. They are telling me to delete the file SUPER ANTISPYWARE from C:Program Files. BUT they did NOT tell me how the file got there or what it is doing. They did not tell me if the file would show up again after I REMOVE SuperAntiSpyware and download again. That is why I double posted. Sherr
  7. I went to the SuperAntiSpyware support website and filed a duplicate support request. I received a CSR confirmation a little while ago. The message Problem Caused by saskutil.sys indicates that there is a SuperAntiSpyware software problem. After all how many users will attempt to REMOVE the program. Thank you for any assistance that you can provide in this matter. Sherr :
  8. I just went through the following: 1. No Applications Runing 2.Activated Add Remove Programs 3.Gathering Information Graph Appeared 4.Windows Has been SHUT DOWN to prevent DAMAGE appears 5.Screen turns BLUE without any toolbars 6. Lengthy message appears stating that"PROBLEM IS CAUSED BY SASKUTIL.sys Driver unloaded without pending operations. 7. I am instructed to reboot There is a PROBLEM with the latest download of SuperAntiSpyware and probably with the latest version. Help Sherr
  9. I attempted to download the latest AntiSpyware update yesterday. After encountering some problems I deceided to REMOVE SuperAntiSpyware and reinstall. However ADD/REMOVE programs said GATHERING INFORMATION. Then a message appears saying " PROBLEM DETECTED WINDOWS NEEDS TO SHUT DOWN. And Windows shuts down. THE ENTIRE SCREEN TURNS BLUE AND THE START TOOL BAR DISAPPEARS. This Microsoft MESSAGE REGARDING THE PROBLEM TAKES UP THE ENTIRE SCREEN. So the only way to get out of this is to POWER DOWN and reboot. This happens every time I try to use ADD/REMOVE SuperAntiSpyware. It would appear that this download has a problem. So how can I REMOVE SUPERAntiSpyware? Windows XP SP2 Sherr
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