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  1. I don't know if this is any help, or even if it will work for you, but I also got the blue screen following a reboot after scanning and deleting a huge amount of malware (a badly infected machine - not mine!!) I rebooted again and the machine went into a reboot cycle so I managed to get it into safe mode, logged in as Aministrator then ran the scan again. More malware was found and deleted. The machine then rebooted fine into normal XP. The first scan was done in a normal boot while a whole load of malware pop-ups were going on - it was impossible to close them all before another popped up. I have a feeling that the problem was caused by this fact and that SAS couldn't delete everything, as it was active, and ended up half doing the job. Booting into safe mode made sure it could clean up properly - that's my assumption anyway. I may be totally off beam here but I think I'll run future scans - certainly on badly infected machines - in safe mode to start with.
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