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  1. I jumped over to to the FAQ and checked out the write-up on what Real Time Protection does...."scans key points of your registry to ensure that spyware has not hooked itself into your browser". In the Livingston newsletter, Windows Secrets, I received this morning, it talks about flashed based malware becoming more and more of a serious issue. My question is whether or not SAS offers protection against such threats. I have the full version and latest updated defs, but I would like to know if my software is looking for such nasties. Thanks for your help, a great piece of software and the very timely support offered here. Diane
  2. I was online and was having some difficulty with Outlook Express and my connection to the newserver. At the same time, I got a notice that there was a program update available from SAS, then I got a couple of error messages, the one above which is the subject. The cause of the error message, according to WinXP was that there already was a file created. I then got a DrWatson error message, which I can only conclude was a bit/byte mishmash when SAS tried to update itself. I had purchased the full version of the program and was running the new beta. I presume the program update was the update to the beta. SAS did update eventually and all seems to be okay. "Ms. Paranoia" would like to know if it is reasonable to assume that the DrWatson problem was in response to SAS attempting to update and all the stuff that was going on at the same time? Thanks. Diane
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