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  1. No, it's so that servers aren't overloaded and i'm sure also a good way to avoid meltdown at support in case some issue not seen in testing suddenly affects a large part of users. I get the updates last always 1-2 weeks later and so what? I can just download the installer and update in a couple of minutes if it's important to me. Obviously something may be up in your case so i would update manually and if this was originally an older installer perhaps even installed as version 4 i would uninstall, reboot and install 5.5.1012 fresh.
  2. I have no preference in that dept...well i do: Opera, but that has nothing to do with you/me being responsible for what we install on our pc's which is the bottom line. It's so easy always to shed ourselves of any responsibility and in this case they do make it clear. The fact remains that we are clearly presented with options during the install and nothing is deviously hidden in a way so that users are fooled, that most couldn't care less what they install is their responsibility and simply a poor excuse IMO. So if it helps SAS to survive: Just do it! They should bundle Opera with it though.
  3. Of course they are getting payed, i don't see anything wrong with that at all. Google Chrome is actually quite possibly the best one out there right now, at least one of the 2-3 topnotch options. We are presented with very clear options when installing and one of them is not to install Google Chrome. People being "careless" when installing is a very poor excuse for not taking responsibility for our own actions just like when some are very surprised by something in a contract they have signed without reading it first. It's not cheasy toolbar adware like some other vendors (Avira with Ask toolbar) seeking extra income in a very difficult market.....basically it's close to dried out because of the economy and everybody naturally not spending anything beyond the basic everyday needs and SAS is small potato with regards to paying customers and have hurt themselves with the lifetime licenses in the past with most that purchased. If this will help SAS stay afloat in this difficult economy then fine with me....go for it as long as i the customer can opt out during the install. To me it's much more critical that updates to the signatures are only delivered during business hours and not at all during the weekend, malware are delivered 24/7 all year round, but at least we have confirmation from Nick that some weekend updates will start sometime this month or early July.
  4. Probably very unlikely considering the amount of money involved, Superantispyware was sold for around $8.5 million and had 2010 revenues of approximately $2.5 million! Times are very tough for very small companies like SAS (less than 10 employees) and i imagine Nick and whom ever he has to share those $8.5 million are not unhappy with this deal no matter if Support.com honors any intentions in the long run, i doubt very much there is a firm written contact saying there will always be a free version this would be suicide as you cannot predict the future. The lifetime license is easy to circumvent with a new product and fazing out the old. But i agree why not see what happens instead of bashing or defenses of persons we simply do not know even if we feel we do.
  5. Only works with Windows XP. Maybe there will be some new things in the new 5.0 talked about here in the forum.
  6. Ok, so the question now is: When is the time right?
  7. I would be interested in this as well.
  8. An easy way to get all the right drivers (& the latests) is by using your labtops servicetag here: http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/index.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=bsd . It will then list what the labtop was shiped with.
  9. You follow the onscreen directions after a scan is finished.
  10. Try to switch to Google DNS or Open DNS, reboot after that. If you can get online then you are affected by malware and should IMO contact SAS support to do a dianostic, but if it was me i would (if possible) format the HD and reinstall Windows.
  11. So submit a dianostic report to support instead of using all sort of scanners not fully detecting it. It will also give SAS the chance to add the malware to it's bases for the good of all instead of removing with other products.
  12. Or submit a report https://www.superantispyware.com/precreateticket.html.
  13. v4 38. 1004 is the released version for 32/64bit, any other are beta/pre-release versions. It should be installed clean = no other versions installed before install.
  14. I second that as well as having more choices regarding the interval the applications looks for new updates, every 8 hours is just not good enough. A dropdown menu with several options (Every 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours)would be step forward.
  15. It will revert auto to the free version after the trial if you do not buy as i recall, so nothing to worry about.
  16. Follow the advice from post #2, contact support.
  17. I was actually just looking for a rough estimate from SAS, maybe it's very blue eyed because i understand why release estimates are not given, however no info have been forthcoming at all regarding something they have said is in development and who knows, it might have been just about to launch as a beta, thats why i asked. Yes, it will run on 32bit i'm fully aware of that, but it's a poor answer because it's as effective as a bucket of water in a forest fire (slight exaggeration, i know), i see no reason to use a program on an OS it is not certified/properly developed for. Using that logic you would never need proper drivers developed for the OS it was going to run on and actually clean in case of an infection: "Just install it, if it doesn't bluescreen you ok"! Many vendors are providing and have provided 64bit support for a long time already. Sure 32bit is more common than 64bit, however 64bit is certainly NOT uncommon at all with the arrival of Vista. Personally i would also like SAS team focus on current threats and improving the detection/removal capabilities, pretty much what you would expect from your security program though & not something on a wishlist, as well as develop the program for the most used OS's = XP & Vista 32/64bit, i don't see how this is going to difficult to achieve or even expect it from SAS. Anyway, since this is not going to be answerred, i assume that a proper 64bit version is still not close to the beta phase, so please close this thread, Nick, so that it doesn't turn into a bashing thread ala the third post of this thread. I will just implement a: "See it when i see it" approach instead.
  18. Promissed "In 2008", now i understand that development can throw a curveball here & there, but Vista is now almost two years old & theres a telling silence about this and frankly it's time to bring out the 64 bit version for those that actually payed for this program and cannot use it. So any news regarding a beta at least? This post hopefully taken for what it is: Genuinely seeking at least a ball park figure on a beta program which i would to participate in, i know dates are not usually given, but considering the earlier "It will be in 2008" the last time i asked (7 months ago), not too much to ask for and if the answer is: "Not going to happen", then just say so.
  19. NP and then reboot when finished of course.
  20. No, only in very specific situations should be this be necessary....it would faster to just shutdown unnecessary processes via taskmanager before the scan..............if infected.
  21. Just transfer the license from Preferences, Help and Transfer license. Then reactivate on the new install when ready.
  22. It won't list what it does not find of course! If there was no infections then it won't spring up alerting you to.............nothing.
  23. Nick said this year, we'll see, i'm sure this isn't high on their list of priorities. Detection/removal is and SAS do not have a large amount developers that vendors like symantec or even Spy Sweeper have. So a guess would be: Late this year or early next year. On the other hand they may surprise us!
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