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  1. A Complete Scan states it Scans all files on the PC; Custom Scan setup to Include my two Ext BkUp Drives (E, J) offers 5 "Categories" to Chk for Scanning - most of which seem irrelevant. So Are Ext Drives usually Scanned? The more I think of the Categories the less logical it seems. Do most use a Time-Limt for what's scanned (ie) Only mofified files last 30-60-90 days? MANY THANKS!
  2. Pre-Release Ver 1146 SOLVED my issue. Did successful scan after Un-install and Install of 1146. All is well! Thanks!
  3. Win XP Media Ctr: SAS Free never had a problem; 1st Pro Scan today netted Error: UnChk Direct Disk Access and I had to ReBoot to clear out. Have no fear Sppt will answer my Svc Request but thought I'd save them time if anyone knows a likely cause. I have ESET ESS AV/FW, SpywareBlaster, Diskeeper 7, and Spybot SD TeaTimer as only real-time Apps. ESS users have SAS without issues per their posts. Any thoughts appreciated.
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