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  1. I'm happy to report that my problem is solved. I have to say that SAS has THE BEST customer support that I have ever encountered. SuperAntiSpyware is an awesome product, with awesome support!
  2. I am also getting this direct disk error. I have not been able to resolve it so far. I downloaded the beta version of SAS a couple of weeks ago and all ran great...no problems. I changed my firewall to Online Armor, but that seemed to work fine, no problems. Then, on Saturday, my weekly scan began and I got the first of many direct disk errors. I uninstalled the Beta, and reinstalled the release version, and the problem persists. Sometimes SAS even freezes up during a quick scan and locks down my computer. Or, it just closes out mid scan with no error report or anything. Another thing that happens (sometime, not all the time) is when I click to open SAS, I get the prompting for home page protection and if I want to do a scan for updates, as if this was the first time SAS had been run on my system. A few things happened recently that may or may not have to do with this error: I installed a new printer, I downloaded a trial and uninstalled Superadblocker, I changed my firewall from Comodo to Online Armor (SAS is marked trusted in OA), and I upgraded my video card. I am using XP Media, with all updates, NOD32, OA, and WinPatrol in additon to SAS (which is now turned off). I uninstalled the release version and downloaded and installed the newest Beta 1146, but still have the same issues. I also ran CCleaner between installs to try and make sure no currupt files were left on my system. I hope someone has some ideas for me. I miss seeing the SAS beetle sitting next to Scotty, the Winpatrol doggie!
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