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  1. 16 minutes ago, SASupport said:

    It should be deleting the ones that it doesn't need. There's no way to know just from looking at the files if they are required, or in use by the software.

    Hmm, I wonder why it is leaving so many files behind then.  Example right now:

    Directory of C:\Users\ant\AppData\Local\Temp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            71,280 SAS16B5.tmp
    11/09/2020  08:35 AM           378,624 SAS16B6.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           149,848 SAS16C7.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM         2,881,448 SAS16C8.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM         4,371,320 SAS16C9.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           545,512 SAS16CA.tmp
    09/14/2020  05:57 AM           452,528 SAS16CB.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            60,496 SAS16CC.tmp
    09/02/2020  01:33 PM           842,448 SAS16CD.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           390,056 SAS16CE.tmp
    11/12/2020  09:21 AM        11,823,672 SAS16CF.tmp
    09/02/2020  01:33 PM         1,544,624 SAS16DF.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM               912 SAS16E0.tmp
    11/12/2020  09:21 AM         3,244,232 SAS16E1.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            83,184 SAS16E2.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            88,632 SAS16E3.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            88,248 SAS16E4.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           362,832 SAS16E5.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           521,272 SAS16E6.tmp
    11/13/2020  08:13 AM         1,072,352 SAS16F7.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            31,528 SAS16F8.tmp
    11/05/2020  07:37 AM         1,110,592 SAS16F9.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM         1,782,312 SAS16FA.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM         2,139,048 SAS16FB.tmp
    09/02/2020  01:33 PM           181,336 SAS16FC.tmp
    10/29/2020  07:17 AM         1,629,016 SAS16FD.tmp
    11/13/2020  08:13 AM             3,517 SAS16FE.tmp
    11/15/2020  12:24 PM             5,671 SAS16FF.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           178,248 SAS1700.tmp
    08/04/2020  10:02 AM               512 SAS1701.tmp
    11/15/2020  12:24 PM        76,587,008 SAS1702.tmp
    10/28/2020  07:41 AM           292,096 SAS1712.tmp
    05/13/2020  03:58 PM           132,072 SAS1713.tmp
    01/23/2018  09:23 AM           149,744 SAS9FFA.tmp
    01/23/2018  01:35 PM            13,312 SAS9FFB.tmp
    06/01/2020  10:44 AM           149,742 SAS9FFC.tmp
    07/21/2020  11:30 AM           149,742 SAS9FFD.tmp
    08/26/2020  12:07 PM           118,272 SAS9FFE.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            71,280 SASCC8B.tmp
    11/09/2020  08:35 AM           378,624 SASCC8C.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           149,848 SASCC8D.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM         2,881,448 SASCC8E.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM         4,371,320 SASCC8F.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           545,512 SASCC90.tmp
    09/14/2020  05:57 AM           452,528 SASCC91.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            60,496 SASCCB1.tmp
    09/02/2020  01:33 PM           842,448 SASCCB2.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           390,056 SASCCB3.tmp
    11/12/2020  09:21 AM        11,823,672 SASCCB4.tmp
    09/02/2020  01:33 PM         1,544,624 SASCCB5.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM               912 SASCCB6.tmp
    11/12/2020  09:21 AM         3,244,232 SASCCB7.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            83,184 SASCCB8.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            88,632 SASCCB9.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            88,248 SASCCBA.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           362,832 SASCCCB.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           521,272 SASCCCC.tmp
    11/13/2020  08:13 AM         1,072,352 SASCCCD.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM            31,528 SASCCCE.tmp
    11/05/2020  07:37 AM         1,110,592 SASCCCF.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM         1,782,312 SASCCD0.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM         2,139,048 SASCCD1.tmp
    09/02/2020  01:33 PM           181,336 SASCCD2.tmp
    10/29/2020  07:17 AM         1,629,016 SASCCD3.tmp
    11/13/2020  08:13 AM             3,517 SASCCD4.tmp
    11/17/2020  07:52 AM             5,673 SASCCE4.tmp
    05/13/2020  04:00 PM           178,248 SASCCE5.tmp
    08/04/2020  10:02 AM               512 SASCCE6.tmp
    11/17/2020  07:51 AM        76,917,760 SASCCE7.tmp
    10/28/2020  07:41 AM           292,096 SASCCE8.tmp
    05/13/2020  03:58 PM           132,072 SASCCE9.tmp
    01/23/2018  09:23 AM           149,744 SASE65D.tmp
    01/23/2018  01:35 PM            13,312 SASE65E.tmp
    06/01/2020  10:44 AM           149,742 SASE65F.tmp
    07/21/2020  11:30 AM           149,742 SASE660.tmp
    08/26/2020  12:07 PM           118,272 SASE661.tmp
                  76 File(s)    227,585,330 bytes

    I delete my %temp% like once a week.

  2. Hello.

    In my old updated 64-bit W7 HPE SP1 PC, SUPERAntiSpyware v8.0.1838 (free) says these downloaded files are infected with


    They were from https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html web page to download.

    Are these false positives? I hope so!

    Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon. :)

  3. Open SUPERAntiSpyware, click Preferences, go to Updates and make sure you have "Periodically check for application updates" enabled, then click the Check for Updates button.

    Yeah, I did that las week. It was already checked and I pressed that button. I wonder if it will offer me the update for the recently released 5.0.1150 internal update. I will check again when I see the client later on.

  4. Hello,

    On 17/05/2012, I saw that SAS v.5.0.1150 had been released - indeed it can be downloaded from the download section on your own site. I would like to know when, if ever, this update will be offered at the same time that users update the program's database - or any other time for that matter.

    Are we supposed to download the full version of 16.4MB? If so, can we install it over the top of the current version? Where is the up to date Release History/change log?

    I know it's 'only' 4 days since the apparent release of this new version, but 4 days is a very long time when trying to protect one's PC(s) from malware.

    Another thing that occurs to me is that 16.4MB is a large download if you're on dial-up, as I was until a couple of months ago, so it would be very nice for users who have a slow connection to be offered updates promptly via the program as this method is a great deal quicker.

    I hope that somebody will answer my queries soon! Thank you.


    The changes in 5.0.1150 mainly deal with the installation process, there are no major improvements or bug fixes that require an immediate release to all users. You are not losing any efficiency by not updating to 5.0.1150 immediately. If you do want to update to 5.0.1150, you can by downloading and installing over the older version. I do not have any information on when 5.0.1150 will auto-update within the program.

    I just got .1150 update through the internal updater. I read its changelog and it was more than install.

  5. 5.0.1118 should be available on the update servers in the next day or so. It is a very minor update - we've added a couple features to help customers negatively affected by the differences between 4.x and 5.

    Disable bitmap backgrounds is one of them (for users with accessibility modes like High Contrast colors).

    The functionality of one of the scheduled scanning options has changed (Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start was missed). Previously, it would only check if a scan was missed when SUPERAntiSpyware starts. With version 5.0.1118 SUPERAntiSpyware will execute a scan if the Windows Task Scheduler failed to initiate the scheduled task correctly. There will be a slight delay for SUPERAntiSpyware to trigger the event internally (approximately 2 minutes) so the Windows Task Scheduler has time to trigger on its own.

    A few UI fixes were added in there as well. You may see a few more minor build versions as we fine-tune all the new features in 5.0. Don't expect anything ground-breaking until at least 5.1 :)

    Thanks. When is v5.1 coming out then? [grin]

  6. The latest build on our website resolves this error. It's difficult to officially support Windows 2000 because Microsoft can no longer distribute copies of the OS to developers due to licensing issues. However, we do make every effort to ensure backwards compatibility.

    Didn't the company have previous licenses from years ago?

    As for the newer build, will there be an update or do W2Kers have to download the whole installer manually? Also, I don't see a newer build (still 1108).

  7. FYI - we are checking it out, but Windows 2000 is not really on our officially supported list for 5.0

    Thanks, but why does https://www.superantispyware.com/superantispyware.html say "Windows 2000, XP, Media Center, Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 7 ..." for its system requirements? I assume v5 still supported W2K. If it is not supported, then the installer should be blocked to install and run. Also, this web page needs to be updated.

  8. Hello.

    I am trying to upgrade SAS Free to the latest v5 on my dad/father/pa's old Dell PC with Windows 2000 SP4 (all updates from MS). I downloaded SAS installer manually. It uninstalled old SAS v4.x and installed v5, but told me SASCORE.EXE - "Entry Point Not Found. The Procedure entry point WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll." I attached a screen shot of this error dialog box.

    I noticed there is no SAS service like in XP and 64-bit W7 UE. What's wrong? SAS free seems to run and I recall service is required. Older SAS versions never had this problem. If v5 won't work, then where I can redownload v4 and how long will its support be?

    Thank you in advance. :)

  9. Hello!

    I downloaded and installed MultiPar v1.1.6.9 from http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA021385/MultiPar116.7z in my old, updated 32-bit Windows XP Pro. SP3 machine... This morning, my updated SAS Free Edition v4.48.1000's manual scan thinks MultiParShlExt.dll v1.1.6.7 is infected with Trojan.Agent/CDesc[Generic].




    http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=ad925de098f79047ad7089e18dc1933c2e1c0d05e9682d087be61df909183d6e-1295201653 (only SAS' Trojan.Agent/CDesc[Generic])

    Thank you in advance. :)

    P.S. I sent a false positive notice through the program as well, but it might be faster through here.

  10. Hello.

    Once in a while I submit a positive false positive/FP to SuperAntispyware/SAS. Is there a way to track my submissions without waiting for updates and rescan?

    I just submitted one from extracted Wireshark v1.4.0 portable (http://media-2.cacetech.com/wireshark/win32/WiresharkPortable-1.4.0.paf.exe) through the latest SAS Free and it found a possible non-cookie infection:

    SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log


    Generated 09/15/2010 at 10:05 PM

    Application Version : 4.43.1000

    Core Rules Database Version : 5515

    Trace Rules Database Version: 3327

    Scan type : Complete Scan

    Total Scan Time : 00:54:51

    Memory items scanned : 509

    Memory threats detected : 0

    Registry items scanned : 14771

    Registry threats detected : 0

    File items scanned : 107556

    File threats detected : 5

    Adware.Tracking Cookie

    cdn2.themis-media.com [ C:\Users\foobar\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\88VCHVG6 ]

    dlr1.wdpromedia.com [ C:\Users\foobar\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\88VCHVG6 ]

    msnbcmedia.msn.com [ C:\Users\foobar\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\88VCHVG6 ]

    objects.tremormedia.com [ C:\Users\foobar\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\88VCHVG6 ]



    I checked other sites and scanners and they said no problems:




    http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=3866563cf27ebf7a4410400ea04ebbece62e67d445296fd439e2b50197fd5ecd-1284663580 (one by your program)

    Thank you in advance. :)

  11. Hello.

    I noticed a long wait after doing a program update in SAS and relaunching SAS on my father/dad's very old Dell Optiplex GX260 system with 512 MB of RAM, WIndows 2000 SP4, and Intel Prescott Pentium 4/IV (HT CPU). It seems superantispyware.exe's CPU, memory (like 300 MB?) usage, and HDD goes up high for a few minutes (over five minutes?). Is this normal? I did not notice this on my newer machines.

    Thank you in advance. :)

  12. You should submit a Customer Service Request on this and let the SAS gurus figure out what needs to be corrected in SAS to permit automatic updates of the program. It appears that the program permissions are not set correctly during the installation on x64 systems.

    Actually, does anyone else here use 64-bit Vista and W7 with the default UAC settings? If so, then do he/she have the same problem with program updates? I had no problems with definition updates.

  13. Is your firewall blocking SSUPDATE.EXE? Did you right-click and select Check for Updates?

    I used the updater in SAS' main program to force the check. yes, I tried disabling my firewall, and no still updates. I also tried running SAS as 64-bit W7's administrator, but that did not help. :(

    Just wondering... Does ssupdate.exe use non-default ports like 8080? I know the ISP's firewall is pretty strict and only allows defaults (21, 80, and 443).

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