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  1. Hi prairie dog, Thanks ... I had been doing that most of the day but each time it failed to bring up the new Program version. However, just now when I tried, it did say the new Program was available so I successfully installed it. Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  2. Hi, I am currently using SAS version with a Lifetime Subscription. I just saw on Calendar of Updates where a new SAS program was released recently. How do I go about updating to this new version? Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  3. Hi robin9 and SUPERAntiSpy, I appreciate both your replies. My update notification came in earlier and I have now successfully updated the program. Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  4. Good morning, Do I have to uninstall the old Program version before installing a new Program version? Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  5. Hi, I appreciate your fast and informative response. If possible, please let me know if and when you eliminate this problem. Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  6. Good morning, I recently upgraded to SAS Pro and I have no regrets whatsoever. However, I do have one point I would like to clear up. When you open up the SAS Main menu at the bottom left is a link offering to show you what is 'running on your computer'. I thought this would be nice to know so I clicked on it, downloaded the SAS Active X control and was off to the races. This feature did show everything it found running on my computer. But, when I happened to check my 'Event Viewer' prior to logging off for the night I noticed the following error had been recorded the same time I was using that feature. It read: " ... The SABProcEnum service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified..." After 'Googling' this I think it is connected to your 'Super Ad Blocker' program which to the best of my knowledge I don't have on my computer. Can you tell me why I get this error message in 'Event Viewer' each time I run this extra feature on SAS? Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  7. Hi Greg, Thanks ... I just wanted to make sure that the only way to ensure the 'Real-Time Protection' feature was enabled was if it was started with Windows. Regards, 2harts4ever
  8. Good evening, I just updated to the pro version a few hours ago after using the Free version for quite some time. Now, I have a question about the 'Real-time protection' feature included with the Pro version. Do I have to allow SAS to load when Windows loads in order to have 'Real-time protection? Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  9. EliteKiller, Thank you! Regards, 2harts4ever
  10. Good morning, Is it safe to delete all 'tracking cookies' after they have been quarantined? Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
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