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  1. Thanks for the Uninstaller program. I used it and rebooted, then installed the new version of SAS. So far everything seems to be working fine. Glad to have SAS up and running again. Brandon
  2. Well I uninstalled 3.9 and didn't even install the new one yet. I don't know why but after I did the uninstall I checked the SAS folder to make sure it got rid of everything but there will still a ton of .dll's left over... I think SASSEH.dll was one of them and a few .sys files and some bootsafe.exe. I figured it was just left over items that didn't get uninstalled so I just deleted the folder. Thats when I got some debug errors. Maybe it didnt finish uninstalling but I waited a good min or two after the uninstall finished. After I got the errors I rebooted and saw the IDE post during bootup. I might try messing with IDE Ribbons later to see if its a totally different problem. The first few reboots I had the "recovered from a serious error" message so I rebooted a few more times and now it seems to be fine (fingers crossed). Is it normal for 3.9 to leave that many files behind? maybe I should try to reinstall and uninstall it again? Brandon
  3. Hi, I recently decided to give the new 4.0 version of SUPERAntiSpy a try. I uninstalled my old 3.9 version but kept the log files. To make sure I got a clean install I browsed to program files and deleted the SUPERAntispy folder, thats when problems began. Now I either get Recovered from a serious error or a error message with debug options. Also after this happend I notised when I restart my pc during bootup I see a message saying IDE Channel 1 no 80 Conductor Cable Installed. I donno if this is related to superantispy but I only seen this after removing my old version. Please help. Brandon
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