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  1. Sorry.. didn't mean to be rude. I am looking forward to your test results. Regards Troels
  2. don't bother... we have switched to the A-Squared command line based scanner v3.5, it is built for such a purpose as BartPE... Regards Troels
  3. did you manage to reproduce this error?? is SASKUTIL.SYS really needed anyway?? Regards Troels
  4. Here is the new SAS 4.1 plugin for bartpe. http://www.driveway.com/t9q7h1y4r6 just include the plugin to the plugin folder and follow the instructions inside.. When you launch SAS 4.1 from the bartpe menu .. boom BSOD enjoy.. Regards Troels
  5. I have posted on a bartpe forum to get info on MINIDUMP files... I will return with more info soon... I hope - Troels
  6. I can't get MINIDUMP files because drwatson32 does not dump anything in bartpe, but I can give you the STOP error message, I hope that helps... thanks for helping us out. http://imageupload.com/~imageupl/show.p ... h.JPG.html
  7. The new kernel driver saskutil.sys is causing BSOD when you lanuch SAS 4.1. For now we have removed the driver file from the plugin, but I assume that it means lower detection of malware etc. the old saskutil.sys didn't cause any probs.. can you fix this issue? Regards Troels
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