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  1. I have the pro version and it did the automatic update this morning when my machine was switched on, after I ticked the correct line in the notice box that is
  2. Congratulations to the whole team for a brilliant program, and the team that come here and answer all the questions, regardless how stupid some may be the support is always helpful and courteous. Very well done to you all
  3. Well my opinion for what it's worth is stick with what your good at. I think that when some of these programs try to be the one's to do everything they end up with too much bloat and fail to do what they are supposed to do and that is stop the baddies From what I've heard and seen so far I think SuperAntiSpyware should stay doing what it does without getting into the bloat of all-in-ones and then turning out to be less than efficient
  4. Joan Archer

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    I'm new here, just joined today after installing v4. I'm a little old lady from South Wales, UK who loves my computer and manages a network of three machines, two of which are Windows XPHome SP2 and one is Windows Millennium. I was using the free version for a while as I'm not that impressed with the new version of Ad-Aware, liked it so yesterday bought the Pro version with Lifetime subscription and today, even though I never install beta or pre-release versions of anything on my machine I put v4 on here but haven't done a scan with it yet but do have the real time protection turned on. So far I'm happy, time will tell
  5. I bought the Pro version yesterday as I was happy with the free version then downloaded and installed the v4 today and I've just checked task manager and it's using 240K memory on my machine
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