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  1. Yep, it's false, I seen this before and theres no virus.
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    I'm new

    Hey I'm new... umm.. I'm a gamer and I come here to see update and such on SAS because that is the only AV program I use also along with Spy Sweeper.
  3. I have AOL highspeed internet, not dial-up but the one with the highspeed USB Modem, I currently have no viruses but it says that my AOL set-up file could be a potentially unknown virus when I know for a fact it's not, you guys need to get on this.
  4. Saszuki, this could also be due to a virus if you have one, because when I had it it couldn't let me stop either.
  5. I think you guys seriously need to be focus more on MalWare, new Malware viruses are coming out everyday and SuperAntiSpyware needs to get on this, find them and in a new release find a way to remove them. ADware is getting worse to, I lvoe Anti-Spyware because I use my pc for gaming and also I have a website and I run my server on 2 other computers which are Linux, if I could I would donate but I'm only 15 with no credit card Another thing, there is a Malware virus called Mal/Downlod-r or something similar to that I use to have it and SuperAntiSpyware couldn't detect it but my spy sweeper certainly did and quarantined it.
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