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  1. I have the same issue as well running x64 version of Windows7. SAS v4.29.1002 does not resolve this issue for me though. I look forward to a fix and better support for x64 versions of windows including Win7
  2. You dont uninstall IE,you just stop using it as your default browser.All MS updates require IE so just DL Firefox and make sure you have it as the default browser and your good.I suggest getting java updayes from Sun Microsystems as well.Sorry to hear you formatted as Im sure there was a way to get you cleaned up without it,however time consuming it would have been.
  3. I guess I should've read the FAQ Thanks elitekiller for the post,I appreciate your southern hospitality
  4. First off, I am a very happy SAS PRO reseller. A customer called me today to ask how many computers he can put his copy of SAS Pro on to legally.He said he has 1 desktop and a laptop that he would like to keep SAS on for protection so if anyone happens to know the anser please let me know so i can tell him.Thanks I hope this doesn't seem like a stupid wquestion as more and more you are seeing companies like McAfee *Barf* sell their subscriptions allowing install on up to 3 computers for 1 price,hence the question.
  5. Use this link and add the definitions manually if you have to... https://www.superantispyware.com/definitions.html I know it is not the best solution but until you run the repairs from SAS,and a full system scan with latest updates you most likely will not get your rights back. The reason you are seeing this message about rights is because the Malware has taken away your rights I believe,so just do the repairs within Superantispyware and run the full scan and hopefully you will gain control again...Good luck and I hope this helps you !!
  6. Just installed 4.2 last night after I uninstalled 4.1 with the SAS removal tool.I was just about to run a scan and unchecked several slave drives from being included in the scan and SAS became non responsive and would not shut down via task manager. I am just wondering if anyone else is having similar problems with this version. I think I will revert back to 4.1 until this gets sorted out.
  7. Over a year ago I decided to familiarize myself with this relatively unknown company(not anymore thanks to all of us ! GJ everyone!!!) to see if this would be a sensible solution to A:Use for removal of viruses on customers machines and B:To use on our own machines @ our home based computer repair store.I was initially sending emails back and forth from Nick S.,yes Nick S. the founder of SAS.That is unheard of in todays marketplace yet it happened and I was so impressed with him and his willingness to help me by answering ALL my questions regarding reselling and as fast a humanly possible that I felt obligated to give this small company(like my own)a shot.Over a year later I must admit that it was the absolute SMARTEST choice I have EVER made to this date ! Since then I have been dealing with one of the most kind people ever-Mr. Mike Duncan @ SAS and let me tell you guys & gals,this gentlemen blew me away with how well he did his job ! I especially like how SAS doesn't treat my small business like a small business at all.In fact,from the looks of their diligence to ensure my satisfaction in ALL ASPECTS of their services,one would think that I was the CEO of a fortune 500 company making them millions. Nick if you read this I would like to congratulate you on the hiring of Mr. Duncan,he has been absolutely top notch to work with !! Kudos my friend ! Any small business owners having thoughts of whether or not their small company would get the attention and help due to size is in for one hell of a shocker when they decide to take the plunge and resell for SAS,I know I was....Again I would like to thank SAS,Nick S., and especially Mike Duncan for making my small home based business feel like a Fortune 500 company. You guys are as good as gold and I will forever be in dept to you for making SAS and having a staff that is as excellent as your product !! Charles Beller A/Z Computer Solutions
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