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  1. Hello munckman, Boy do you know it! I've been experiencing computer capriciousness since 1970, so I know exactly to what you refer. About the only thing I do daily is to go into TrueImage and make sure everything shows "green" instead of red. I suppose I could activate my RAID drives, too, but on my Dell XPS 410 RAID has proven to be problematic for me, even with a new motherboard (replaced by Dell under warranty). Nevertheless, I appreciate your thoughtful reminder. Thanks again! Regards, Jim
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    Welcome, VashTheMan. Folks around here are quick to help with any problems you may have. Your biggest problem, though, might just be having a problem with the program at all.
  3. Hi Pandato, Thanks for the nice welcome! Regards, Jim
  4. Hi AdvancedSetup, Yes, you're right. I forgot to mention I do daily image backups using Acronis TrueImage 11 as well as incremental daily backups with Vista Ultimate's built-in facility. Thanks again for the heads-up! Regards, Jim
  5. Hello Everyone, I've decided that after using many AV programs over many years that I would try a different approach: NAT/w SP Firewall built into router (WPA2 for wireless connections) + skill of ISP to filter viruses coming through emails + SAS Pro to take care of all the rest of the nasties coming through web pages and through emails. Let's see how this works out. I'm cautiously optimistic Regards, Jim
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