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  1. OK, Thanks very much for trying to help. I actually like SAS very much for the job it does, as long as I don't try to interrupt it
  2. I just uninstalled what I had, and downloaded, installed, and registered the Home Users version, which says it's version 3,9,1008 And I am having exactly the same problem as before. Can pause a scan, but can't cancel it. Or close SAS without using TaskManager. Also, when a scan is either running or paused, my CPU is running full-out, 100%. Should it be? I hope not.. Take a look at SAS running a scan on just the registry. It's stuck in initialization, even after 5' 25'' : http://www.rcblue.com/Misc/SASscanning.png
  3. Well, I CAN pause it. It does stop, but the "Elapsed Time" continues, the window doesn't close, etc. So what do you do to cancel it. Or change the config of the scan. (Those are separate questions.)
  4. Win XP Pro SP2 Once I've started a scan, I neither can abort it, nor change the config of the scan. Or am I wrong? Thanks
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